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Valuation Updates
Silicon Sealant
US$ 3.55/Kg,US$ 4.75/Kg,US$ 3.00/Kg
Origins China,Malaysia,Thailand,All Other Origins

Hard Disk (Internal & External)
US$ 8/Pc,US$ 3.50/Pc,US$ 16/Pc
Origins All Origins

Chemicals Glycerin Chlorinated Paraffin Wax(Liquid)
US$ 0.725/Kg,US$ 0.65/Kg,US$ 0.90/Kg
Origins All Origins,China,India

Phenolic Resin,Polyurethane Resin,Melamine Resin & Epoxide Resin
US$ 1.80/Kg,US$ 2.80/Kg,US$ 1.50/Kg
Origins China,South Africa,Trukey,India

Various Spices & Nutmeg
US$ 1.90/Kg,US$ 2.30/Kg
Origin All Origins

Room Air Freshners & Car Air Fresheners
US$ 2.00/Kg,US$ 1.20/Kg
Origin All Origins

Mini Trucks/Pickup and Cargo Trucks with Full/Dump Body
US$ 3800/CBU,US$ 4400/CBU
Origin China

Palm Acid Oil
US$ 0.400/Kg,US$ 0.395/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indonesia

Mixture of Fatty Acid
US$ 0.350/Kg,US$ 0.345/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indonesia

Potato Frozen French Fries
US$ 1.00/Kg,US$ 0.95/Kg
Origins All Origins

Green Tea
US$ 2.15/Kg,US$ 1.45/Kg
Origins Vietnam,China

Car Speakers,Horn,Loud Speakers and Wall Mounted/Ceiling/Column Speakers
US$ 6.00/Set,US$ 8.00/Set
Origin China

Computer,Trolley and Multimedia Speakers
US$ 1.25/Set,US$ 2.00/Set
Origin China

Suitcases (Soft & Hard)of low end brands
US$ 64/Set,US$ 74/Set
Origins China,Others

Kitchen Cabinets in CKD/SKD/CBU Conditions and Accessiores
US$ 3.30/Kg,US$ 4.50/Kg,US$ 3.70/Kg
Origins China,Europe,USA,Other Origins

Ginger and Garlic
US$ 0.82/Kg,US$ 0.64/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,Vietnam,Myanmar

Polyester Filament Yarn
US$ 1.65/Kg,US$ 1.77/Kg
Origins All Origins

US$ 135/Unit,US$ 282/Unit,US$ 95/Unit
Origins All Origins

Facial Tissue Paper in box,Toilet Tissue/Kitchen Tissue/Hand Towel/Napkin Tissue
US$ 2.10/Kg,US$ 2.40/Kg,US$ 2.55/Kg
Origins China,Mayalsia,UAE

Self Adhesive Sticker Paper Thermal/Thermal Transfer
US$ 2.46/Kg,US$ 2.85/Kg,US$ 2.63/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,Malaysia

Self Adhesive Sticker Paper in Sheets
US$ 1.76/Kg,US$ 2.15/Kg,US$ 2.00/Kg
Origins Indonesia,Thailand,Europe

Sticker Paper Non Thermal Semi Gloss in Reels
US$ 1.80/Kg,US$ 1.90/Kg,US$ 1.95/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,Malaysia

Pop Corn
US$ 2.70/Kg,US$ 2.68/Kg,US$ 2.60/Kg
Origins USA,All Origins,Europe/Spain

Iron or Non Alloy Steel Wire Rod Low/high Carbon (Draw Quality)
US$ 5% LMB 40/MT
Origin All Origins

Non Alloy Steel Wire not Plated or Coated
Origin China

Galvanized Razor Wire
US$ 50% LMB/MT
Origin China

Glass Ampoules (Clear & Amber)
US$ 1.95/Kg,US$ 2.20/Kg
Origin China

EPE Liner/PE Foam Sheet/Seal Wads
US$ 2.25/Kg,US$ 2.50/Kg
Origins China,Other Origin

Fleece Fabric
US$ 3.40/Kg,US$ 3.70/Kg,US$ 3.75/Kg
Origin China

Chewing Gum & Mints
US$ 10.82/Kg,US$ 15.88/Kg,US$ 15.00/Kg
Origins All Origins

Submersible Pump
US$ 2.0/Pc
Origin China

Notice Board

14-02-2019 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ceramic/Procelain Sanitary Ware

14-02-2019 Thursday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Printed Circut Board(PCB)

21-02-2019 Thursday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Cheese

26-02-2019 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Liquid Milk,UHT Milk,Flavourd Milk,Lacnor Milk

27-02-2019 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Enamel Coated & Casserole Steel Kitchen Ware

06-03-2019 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Nuttela & Other Chocolate Spread

14-03-2019 Thursday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Food Supplements Dietary Supplement/Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement
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