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Valuation Updates
Tubular Metal Needles in Bulk,Disposable Surgical Metal Needles
US$ 18.00/Kg,US$ 27.00/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Sodium lauryl Ether Sulphate & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
US$ 1.365/Kg,US$ 1.390/Kg,US$ 1.420/Kg
Origins China,India,All Other Origins

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid(soft & Hard Type)
US$ 1.20/Kg,US$ 1.25/Kg
Origins Korea,Iran(land Route),All Other Origins

High Impact Polystyrene Sheets(HIPS)
US$ 2.40/Kg,US$ 2.90/Kg
Origins China,Taiwan,All Other Origins

Iron and Steel and Stainless Steel Kitchenware/Utensils
US$ 2.60/Kg,US$ 3.75/Kg
Origin China

Different Polyester Fabrics
US$ 3.80/Kg,US$ 2.35/Kg
Origins All Origins,China

Bicycles (Low End Brands)
US$ 12.00/Bicycle,US$ 14.50/Bicycle
Origins China,Korea,HongKong,Singpaore

Ginger and Garlic
US$ 0.88/Kg,US$ 0.66/Kg,US$ 0.72/Kg
Origins China,Indoneisa,Vietnam,Myanmar,India Via Land Route

Brake Linning & Friction Material(Clutch Facing)
US$ 1.60/Kg,US$ 2.10/Kg,US$ 1.70/Kg
Origins China,Japan,Other Origins

Melleable Iron Pipe Fittings
US$ 0.76/Kg,US$ 0.63/Kg,US$ 1.27/Kg
Origin China

Disposable Razors & Razor Parts
US$ 0.0284/Pc,US$ 0.029/Pc,US$ 0.032/Pc
Origins China,Vietnam/Egypt,Korea

Gas Hobs,Stoves,Cooking Range & Parts
US$ 24/Unit,US$ 33/Unit,US$ 39/Unit
Origins Itlay,Uk,France,Germany,USA,Spain

Medicines / Medicaments
US$ 2.75/Kg,US$ 4.70/Kg,US$ 3.12/Kg
Origin China

Mixture Of Fatty Acid
US$ 0.375/Kg,US$ 0.365/Kg,US$ 0.360/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indoneisa,Other Origins

Electric Rechargable Shaver
US$ 35/Pc,US$ 130/Pc,US$ 120/Pc
Origins All Origins

Household Appliances
US$ 9.85/Pc,US$ 7.5/Pc,US$ 6.2/Pc
Origins All Origins

Palm Acid Oil
US$ 0.47/Kg,US$ 0.46/Kg,US$ 0.45/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indonesia,Other Origins

Mineral Grease
US$ 1.35/Kg,US$ 1.32/Kg,US$ 1.80/Kg,US$ 1.78/Kg
Origins China,India,Korea,UAE,Saudia Arabia,Other Origins

Transmission Group Brake Assembly Steering & Suspension & Body Parts Group (Replacement Auto Parts)
US$ 3.00/Pc,US$ 3.36/Pc,US$ 4.05/Pc,US$ 4.55/Pc,US$ 3.36/Pc
Origins China,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Korea,Taiwan,Japan,Europe,All Origins

Water Pumps Oil Pumps Fuel Pump Oil Filter Fuel Filter & Air Filter (Replacement Auto Parts)
US$ 7.95/Pc,US$ 9.50/Pc,US$ 10.50/Pc,US$ 13.10/Pc,US$ 8.50/Pc
Origins China,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Korea,Taiwan,Japan,Europe,All Origins

Cham Shaft Crank Shaft Spark Plug Lamps Light Lenses Sealed Beams & Rubber Parts (Replacement Auto Parts)
US$ 5.25/Pc,US$ 6.20/Pc,US$ 7.80/Pc,US$ 12.00/Pc,US$ 6.20/Pc
Origins China,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Korea,Taiwan,Japan,Europe,All Origins

Engine Parts (Replacement Auto parts)
US$ 3.34/Kg,US$ 4.16/Kg,US$ 6.33/Kg,US$ 6.90/Kg,US$ 4.16/Kg
Origins China,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia,Korea,Taiwan,Japan,Europe,All Origins

Baby Daipers & Sanitary Towels/Napkins & Tampons
US$ 3.15/Kg,US$ 3.10/Kg,US$ 2.90/Kg
Origins All Origins

Steel Files Flat Bastard/Half Round/Full Round
US$ 3.95/Kg,US$ 4.95/Kg,US$ 5.20/Kg,US$ 5.85/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,India,Others

Ceramic/Porcelain Sanitary Wares
US$ 37.00/Pc/Set,US$ 44.00/Pc/Set,US$ 55.00/Pc/Set
Origins China,Turkey,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,Europe,USA

Galvanized Iron & Steel Ceiling Suspension System/Tee-Grid
US$ 1.35/Kg
Origin China

Cooking Range Hood/Chimney
US$ 530/Pc,US$ 415/Pc
Origins China,Europe,USA

Aluminum Doors/Windows and Frames
US$ 3.50/Kg,US$ 4.50/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Phenolic Resin,Polyurethane Resin,Melamine Resin,Alkyd Resin & Epoxide Resin
US$ 2.00/Kg,US$ 2.40/Kg,US$ 2.55/Kg
Origins China,South Africa,Turkey,India,Korea

Menthol Crystal
US$ 30.00/Kg,US$ 29.00/Kg,US$ 31.00/Kg
Origins China,Singpaore,All Origins

Polyester Spun Yarn ,Viscose Spun Yarn,Acrylic Spun Yarn & Blends Thereof
US$ 1.51/Kg,US$ 1.69/Kg
Origins China,Thailand,India,Vietnam

Notice Board

13-06-2018 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Glass Tubing

20-06-2018 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Odoriferous Substances

20-06-2018 Wednesday 02:15 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Soap Noodles

21-06-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Cosmetics

26-06-2018 Tuesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Artifical Jewellery

26-06-2018 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Hard Disk

28-06-2018 Thursday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Porcelain Ware/Glass Ware

02-07-2018 Monday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Fleece Fabric

02-07-2018 Monday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - IV Cannula/IV Catheter
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Pakistan Customs Departmental wise Addresses

Chief Collector of Customs (South)
2ND Floor, Custom House,
Karachi .
  Ph.# 99214170

Fax No.99214134

Chief Collector of Customs (North)

Custom House, Lahore .

 Ph.# 042-5772424

Fax # 042-5772421

Director General,

Training & Research (Customs, Sales Tax & Federal Excise,,

 Old Customs House, Karachi .


Director General (Valuation),

3rd Floor, Custom House, Karachi

Ph.# 99214123   

Fax No. 99214145

Director General, Post Clearance Audit, Islamabad .

Ph.# 051-9219641   

Director General, Intelligence & Investigation (Customs, Sales Tax & Federal Excise), G-10, IV, Islamabad . Ph.# 051-9106200   

Directorate General,  Internal Audit (Customs & Excise), 7-E, Model Town , Lahore .

Ph.# 042-99230942

Director, Internal Audit,

(Customs & Excise), 7-E, Model Town , Lahore .

Ph.# 042-9923042

Collector of Customs (Exports), 5th Floor, State Life Building No. 1, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi .

 Ph.# 99213447 Fax No. 99213032

Collector of Customs (Preventive),

3rd Floor, Custom House, Karachi .

 Ph.# 99214168 Fax No. 99214234

Director Project (PACCS),

1st Floor, Custom House, Karachi .


Collector of Customs (Appeals), 81-C, Block VI, P.E.C.H.S.

Karachi . 
Fax No. 34547585

Collector of Customs (Port Qasim), Karachi .      99272351

Fax No. 99272356

Collector of Customs, Rawalpindi .  Plot No.24-G/91, Islamabad / Rawalpindi .
Ph.# 051-99106029

Director (Training),

Directorate General of Training & Search (Customs & Excise),

Old Custom House, Karachi .

Fax No. 99214230

Collector of Customs, MCC,  LMQ Road, Custom House, Multan .  

Ph.# 061-9200381

Collector of Customs  (Appraisement), 2ND Floor, Custom House, Karachi .  
 Ph.# 99214166

Fax No. 99214172

Director, Intelligence & Investigation (Customs & Excise), Jahanzeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore
Ph.# 042-37840656


Post Clearance Audit, 5th Floor, State Life Building No. 1, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi .

 Ph.# 99213446

Director (Customs Valuation),

3rd Floor, Customs House,

Karachi.Ph.# 99214144  

Fax.# 9924145

Collector of Customs,

Model Customs Collectorate, S.I.T.E., Hyderabad .

Ph.#  022-3880636  

Fax # 022-3880988

Collector of Customs,

Model Customs Collectorate, 64-C, Gulberg-III, Opp: Firdous Market, Custom House, Lahore .

Ph.# 042-35772222

Fax # 042-35772223

Collector of Customs,

Model Customs Collectorate, Faisalabad .

Ph.# 041-9230114   

Fax # 041-9230104

Collector of Customs,

Model Customs Collectorate, Sambrial, Sialkot .

Ph.# 052-6520506

Fax # 052-6521013

Director,  Customs Valuation, Custom House, Lahore .

Ph.#  042-35772411

Directorate of Training, Lahore .


Fax #

Collector of Customs,

Chaman Road, Quetta .

Ph.# 081-9202750

Fax No.

Collector of Customs,

Model Customs Collectorate, Peshawar .

Ph.# 091-9216037

Fax # 091-9216040

Director, Intelligence & Investigation (Customs & Excise), C-81, PECHS, Karachi .

Ph.# 021-4302411

Fax No.