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Valuation Updates
US$ 0.22/Kg,US$ 0.23/Kg
Origins Iran,Iraq

Glass Tubing
US$ 0.85/Kg,US$ 1.71/Kg
Origins China,Europe

Dessicated Coconut
US$ 2.00/Kg,US$ 1.20/Kg
Origins All Origins

Tubular Metal Needle In Bulk
US$ 18.00/Kg,US$ 27.00/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

PVC Hose Pipe
US$ 1.40/Kg,US$ 1.55/Kg
Origins China,Korea

US$ 2.60/Kg,US$ 7.00/Kg
Origins All Origins

School Bags,Briefcase,Laptop Bags
US$ 5.93/Pc,US$ 7.11/Pc
Origins China,Other Origins

Artificial Jewellery
US$ 4.0/Kg,US$ 4.6/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Broom Sticks
US$ 0.30/Kg,US$ 0.35/Kg
Origins Srilanka,Indoneisa,Other Origins

Children (Baby/Baba)Garments Of Low End Brands
US$ 0.40/Pc,US$ 0.44/Pc,US$ 0.42/Pc
Origins China,Vietnam,Indoneisa,Thailand

Shoe Adhesive
US$ 3.75/Kg,US$ 3.95/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,U.A.E,India,Europe

Polyester/Acrylic Pile Fabric for Blankets
US$ 2.45/Kg,US$ 3.00/Kg,US$ 3.60/Kg
Origins China,Korea,UAE,Europe

Disposable Foam Cups
US$ 3.15/Kg,US$ 3.60/Kg,US$ 3.85/Kg
Origins China,UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,All Other Origins

UPVC,CPVC,PPRC Pipes & Pipe Fittings
US$ 1.90/Kg,US$ 2.10/Kg,US$ 3.10/Kg
Origins All Origins

Chewing Gum
US$ 12.00/Kg,US$ 17.00/Kg,US$ 15.00/Kg
Origins All Origins

Liner Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid(Soft & Hard type)
US$ 1.250/Kg,US$ 1.220/Kg,US$ 1.230/Kg
Origins Korea,Iran(land Route),All Other Origins

Electric Heater
US$ 8/Pc,US$ 3.8/Pc,US$ 2/Pc
Origins China

Ac Synchronous Alternators
US$ 30/Kw,US$ 60/Kw,US$ 45/Kw
Origins China,Europe,Other Origins

Soda Ash
US$ 0.245/Kg,US$ 0.255/Kg,US$ 0.200/Kg,
Origins All Origins,Kenya

Children Games
US$ 2.15/Kg,US$ 2.65/Kg,US$ 2.55/Kg,
Origins China,Europe,Other Origins

Children Toys
US$ 1.75/Kg,US$ 2.25/Kg,US$ 2.05/Kg,
Origins China,Europe,Other Origins

Submersible Motors
US$ 15/Kw,US$ 30/Kw,US$ 23/Kw,
Origins China,Europe,Other Origins

Bleached/Unbleached Kraft Liner Board & Paper
US$ 0.73/Kg,US$ 0.75/Kg
Origins Portugal,Australia,USA,China

PVC Panaflex /Banner Sheets
US$ 1.10/Kg,US$ 1.30/Kg
Origins China,All Other Origins

Networking Equipments
US$ 31.00/Pc,US$ 15.00/Pc,US$ 7.1/Pc
Origins All Origins

Second Hand Clothing,Shoes & Used Leather Bags
US$ 0.64/Kg,US$ 0.36/Kg,US$ 0.41/Kg
Origins South Korea,USA,Other Origins

Tyres & Tube
US$ 14.28/U,US$ 15.13/U
Origins Japan,Intl Brand Mfg In Other Origins,India,All Other Origins

Steel Concrete Spiral/Angular Nails
US$ 1.20/Kg,US$ 1.35/Kg
Origins China,Taiwan

Polyester Spun Yarn,Viscose Spun Yarn
US$ 1.55/Kg,US$ 1.62/Kg,US$ 1.78/Kg
Origins All Origins

Chandeliers,Pendants & Hanging Lights
US$ 54.00/Kg,US$ 100.00/Kg,US$ 65.00/Kg
Origins China,Europe,Usa,Canada,Others Origins

Light Fittings/Fixtures & Parts thereof
US$ 9.00/Kg,US$ 18.00/Kg,US$ 12.00/Kg
Origins China,Europe,Usa,Canada,All Origins

Rechargeable Electric Shaver
US$ 36.00/Pc,US$ 230.00/Pc
Origins All Origins

Notice Board

23-01-2017 Monday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Plain Shaft Bearing & Bushes

23-01-2017 Monday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

24-01-2017 Tuesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Latex Rubber Thread

24-01-2017 Tuesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Bopp Laminated Woven Bags

25-01-2017 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Medical Items

25-01-2017 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Unfurnished Carpet

26-01-2017 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - polyester yarn

01-02-2017 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Plain Decorative Paper

02-02-2017 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ciprofloxacin
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