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Valuation Updates
Submersible Pump
US$ 2.0/Pc
Origin China

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
US$ 50/Pc,US$ 29/Pc,US$ 23/Pc
Origin All Origins

Tyres and Tubes
US$ 15/Piece,US$ 14/Piece,US$ 12/Piece,US$ 13/Piece
Origins Japan,Intl Brands MFG in Other Origins,India,China,All Other Origins

PVC Transparent/Clear and Printed Flexible Sheets and PVC Cling Film
US$ 1.60/Kg,US$ 1.85/Kg
Origins China,Taiwan,Indonesia,All Other Origins

US$ 0.135/Pc,US$ 0.145/Pc
Origins China,Egypt/Turkey

Wrist Watches (Low-Brands)
US$ 4.70/Pc,US$ 8.25/Pc
Origin China

AC Asynchronous Moving Motor (upto 7 watt)Weighing upto 100gm
US$ 0.60/Pc
Origin China

X-Ray Films
US$ 1.90/Sqm,US$ 2.25/Sqm
Origins China,All Origins

Chemicals Glycerin,Ammonium Bi Carbonate
US$ 0.90/Kg,US$ 0.18/Kg
Origins All Origins,China

Chemicals Boric Acid
US$ 0.80/Kg,US$ 0.69/Kg
Origins USA/Chile/Argentina,Turkey/Taiwan/Russia

Galvanized/Un-Galvanized Iron & Steel Wire Rope
US$ 1.40/Kg,US$ 1.18/Kg
Origin China

Medium Density Fiber(MDF)Board
US$ 0.315/Kg,US$ 0.316/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Srilanka,Vietnam,China

Potato Frozen French Fries
US$ 1.15/Kg,US$ 1.05/Kg
Origins U.S.A,European Union & UK

Soap Noodles
US$ 0.700/Kg,US$ 0.665/Kg
Origin All Origins

Tubular Metal Needles in Bulk,Disposable Surgical Metal Needles
US$ 18.00/Kg,US$ 27.00/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Sodium lauryl Ether Sulphate & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
US$ 1.365/Kg,US$ 1.390/Kg,US$ 1.420/Kg
Origins China,India,All Other Origins

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid(soft & Hard Type)
US$ 1.20/Kg,US$ 1.25/Kg
Origins Korea,Iran(land Route),All Other Origins

High Impact Polystyrene Sheets(HIPS)
US$ 2.40/Kg,US$ 2.90/Kg
Origins China,Taiwan,All Other Origins

Iron and Steel and Stainless Steel Kitchenware/Utensils
US$ 2.60/Kg,US$ 3.75/Kg
Origin China

Different Polyester Fabrics
US$ 3.80/Kg,US$ 2.35/Kg
Origins All Origins,China

Bicycles (Low End Brands)
US$ 12.00/Bicycle,US$ 14.50/Bicycle
Origins China,Korea,HongKong,Singpaore

Ginger and Garlic
US$ 0.88/Kg,US$ 0.66/Kg,US$ 0.72/Kg
Origins China,Indoneisa,Vietnam,Myanmar,India Via Land Route

Brake Linning & Friction Material(Clutch Facing)
US$ 1.60/Kg,US$ 2.10/Kg,US$ 1.70/Kg
Origins China,Japan,Other Origins

Melleable Iron Pipe Fittings
US$ 0.76/Kg,US$ 0.63/Kg,US$ 1.27/Kg
Origin China

Disposable Razors & Razor Parts
US$ 0.0284/Pc,US$ 0.029/Pc,US$ 0.032/Pc
Origins China,Vietnam/Egypt,Korea

Gas Hobs,Stoves,Cooking Range & Parts
US$ 24/Unit,US$ 33/Unit,US$ 39/Unit
Origins Itlay,Uk,France,Germany,USA,Spain

Medicines / Medicaments
US$ 2.75/Kg,US$ 4.70/Kg,US$ 3.12/Kg
Origin China

Mixture Of Fatty Acid
US$ 0.375/Kg,US$ 0.365/Kg,US$ 0.360/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indoneisa,Other Origins

Electric Rechargable Shaver
US$ 35/Pc,US$ 130/Pc,US$ 120/Pc
Origins All Origins

Household Appliances
US$ 9.85/Pc,US$ 7.5/Pc,US$ 6.2/Pc
Origins All Origins

Palm Acid Oil
US$ 0.47/Kg,US$ 0.46/Kg,US$ 0.45/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Indonesia,Other Origins

Notice Board

10-09-2018 Monday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Enamel Coated & Casserole Steel Kitchen Ware

10-09-2018 Monday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Fleece Fabric

11-09-2018 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Suitcases (Soft & Hard) of Low End Brands

11-09-2018 Tuesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Schools Bags Briefcase & Laptop Bags

11-09-2018 Tuesday 12:30 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Door Lock

12-09-2018 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Non Alloy Wire of Iron Or Steel & Uncaoted

12-09-2018 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Barbed Wire Of Iron Or Steel Razor Wire

12-09-2018 Wednesday 12:15 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Iron Or Non Alloy Steel Wire Rod Low/High Carbon

13-09-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Porcelain Ware/Glass Ware

13-09-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ginger & Garlic

13-09-2018 Thursday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Artificial Jewellery

17-09-2018 Monday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - MotorCycle Parts

17-09-2018 Monday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Filter Dryer For Refrigerators

17-09-2018 Monday 12:30 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Printers

17-09-2018 Monday 02:00 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Medium Density Fiber Board

18-09-2018 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Multimedia Projectors,Home Theatre Projector

18-09-2018 Tuesday 12:30 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Solar Fan

18-09-2018 Tuesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Assorted Buttons/Fancy Buttons

18-09-2018 Tuesday 12:45 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Components/Parts Of LED TV

25-09-2018 Tuesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Aluminum Celling Tiles/Clips

26-09-2018 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Carbide Tips

26-09-2018 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Shoe Tacks

26-09-2018 Wednesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Aluminum Scrap
User ID
PcVAG User Manual

Standing Orders

Standing Order No. 01/2009 – DG(Valuation)

File No.108(1)-Estt/2009 Dated 02-11-2009





Whereas it has been noticed that Review Applications under section 25-D of the Customs Act, 1969 are not being filed in an appropriate manner and format at the relevant forum, by the aggrieved person or his authorized representative. Often few lined incoherent letters are sent by unconcerned persons lacking details of the antecedents/whereabouts of the signatory and are also not supported by relevant documents so as to decipher the contention or prayer. Such legal and procedural discrepancies and improprieties render applications liable to be rejected at the outset under law. Accordingly, in order to facilitate review petitioners and to regulate and streamline this system, the following procedure is being laid down for filing of ‘Review Applications’, herein after referred to as the ‘Application’:-


1.         Submission of Application:


(i)         Preamble to the application shall mention the Valuation Ruling No., date and subject against which the review is being filed. The relevant Section 25-D of the Customs Act, 1969 should invariably be mentioned in the subject and also in the contents of the application for filing Review Application.

(ii)        It should be addressed directly to the Director General, Directorate General of Customs Valuation.

(iii)               The application shall be signed by the aggrieved person or his duly authorized representative accompanied by valid ‘Power of Attorney’/ Vakalat Nama.

(iv)              The application must contain complete address, NIC number and contact number (telephone & cell No.) of the aggrieved person, or his duly authorized representative, as the case may be.

(v)                The application should contain STRN/NTN of the applicant.

(vi)              The application may be submitted in duplicate on legal size papers of green colour. It will be appreciated if softcopy is also submitted alongwith hardcopy of the application.


2.         Contents of Application :


i)                    Application may start with an index mentioning all contents of application along with respective page numbers.

ii)                   Contents of application may be duly substantiated through factual and documentary evidence and should contain plausible grounds.

iii)                 The ‘Prayer’ part should clearly specify relief sought by the aggrieved person.

iv)                 In order to substantiate their claim, the petitioners should submit the following relevant documents with their applications; as a supporting/evidential documents;


Ø      Copy of L/C.

Ø      Copy of contract of sales.

Ø      Copy of G.D.

Ø      Bill of lading.

Ø      Relevant portion of bank statement indicating the payment of transaction to the importer duly verified by bank.

Ø      Channel through which payment is made to buyer.

Ø      Relevant entries in accounting records indicating the entry of import transaction.

Ø      Stock Register (relevant portion only).

Ø      List of buyers to whom the product is sold along with their addresses.

Ø      Copies of authentic sales tax invoices issued and received.

Ø      If the transaction is carried out through indenter, name and address of indenter with invoices of transactions made.

Ø      Details of commission/brokerage fees paid to indenter with invoices.


3.         Mode of Receipt :


Application shall be submitted at the Director General’s Secretariat to the PA to Director General after getting proper receipt. The PA will submit such applications to the Director General Valuation in the Dak Pad on the same day.  


4.      Initial Processing of the Application by the Assistant/Deputy Director (Review)


i)                    The Assistant/Deputy Director Valuation (Review) shall ensure that the requisite documents are attached with the application and that the procedural formalities as stipulated above have been fulfilled by the applicant before fixing date of hearing.

ii)                   In case of any discrepancy or deficiency in the documents, he shall inform the petitioner within a week of the receipt of the application, to remove the same.

iii)                 An early hearing date may be fixed in each case on any working day.

iv)                 He should analyse the issue and submit a self contained typed note alongwith file to the Director General two days before the due date of hearing.


5.         Withdrawal of Application :


i)                    Application for withdrawal should be signed by the aggrieved person himself or by his duly authorized representative who initially submitted the application.

ii)                   Application for withdrawal should specify reasons and grounds for withdrawal.

iii)                 Application should be withdrawn through written application after due appearance by the aggrieved person or his duly authorized representative before the competent authority.

iv)                 Request for withdrawal of review application shall only be deemed to have been withdrawn after the formal approval of the Director General Customs Valuation. Thereafter, the Assistant/Deputy Director shall inform all concerned about acceptance of withdrawal application.


6.         Issuance and Dispatch of Orders-in-Review :

i)          Each Order-in-Review shall be serially page numbered and each page should bear official seal of the Director General and file number.

ii)         The Assistant/Deputy Director (Review) shall ensure that each duly stamped and signed Order-in-Review is dispatched to all concerned at the correct address and in accordance with the prescribed procedure.




(Amir M. Khan Marwat)

Director General



Copy to:

1.                  PA to Director General Customs Valuation, Custom House, Karachi

2.                  Director Custom Valuation, Karachi

3.                  Additional Directors/Deputy Directors/Assistant Directors (Valuation)

4.                  Principal Appraiser/Valuation Officer (Review), Karachi

5.                  Guard file/Notice Board




(Mona Iffat Baloch)

Deputy Director (HQ)





S #

Applicant’s Name, CNIC & Address

Notification challenged

Item description with HS Code

No. of pages of application

Date & time of receipt

Signature of receiving official

Review application No. assigned