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Valuation Updates
Potato Frozen French Fries
US$ 1.15/Kg,US$ 1.08/Kg
Origins USA,European Union,UK

Natural Raw Rubber Latex Centrifuged 60% DRC
US$ 1.30/Kg,US$ 1.10/Kg
Origins Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam

Sauces/Salad Dressing/Mayonnaise/Mustard and Tomato Ketchup
US$ 3.05/Kg,US$ 1.90/Kg
Origin All Origins

Copper Filter Dryer
US$ 0.42/Pc,US$ 0.51/Pc
Origins China,Other Origins

Scent & Similar Toielt Sprays & Mound Head thereof
US$ 4.60/Kg,US$ 5.80/Kg,US$ 5.35/Kg
Origins China,Europe,USA,Canada,Korea

US$ 40/Pc,US$ 50/Pc,US$ 60/Pc
Origin All Origins

Welding Electrode(MS,SS,Bronze)
US$ LMB Prices/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Vegetable parchment,Grease Proof Paper,Glazed Tracing Paper & Glassine Paper
US$ 2.20/Kg,US$ 2.40/Kg,US$ 2.50/Kg
Origins China,Europe,USA

Washing Machine Parts
US$ 0.55/Pc,US$ 0.65/Pc
Origin China

Inedible Tallow
US$ 0.580/Kg,US$ 0.585/Kg
Origins Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon,UAE

Uncoated Offset Paper for Writing,Printing & Photocopy
US$ 0.850/Kg,US$ 0.870/Kg
Origins Australia,Brazil

Abrasive Products Grinding Wheel/Cuting Disc
US$ 1.90/Kg,US$ 2.10/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

US$ 1.00/Kg,US$ 0.19/Kg
Origins All Origins,China

Olivetti Printer PR2 Plus
US$ 310/Pc
Origin All Origins

US$ 3.50/Kg,US$ 4.00/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

Copper Clad Laminated Sheets
US$ 3.40/Kg
Origin China

Porcelain Ware/ Glass Ware
US$ 0.94/Kg,US$ 0.90/Kg,US$ 1.00/Kg
Origins China,Indonesia,Iran,UAE

Glass Lid
US$ 0.90/Kg
Origin China

Skimmed Milk Powder & Instant Milk Powder
US$ 1.95/Kg,US$ 1.50/Kg
Origins New Zealand,Australia,USA,Iran,Other Origins

Medicines/Medicaments In Packing For Retail Sale
US$ 2.75/Kg,US$ 4.70/Kg
Origin China

Printing Inks & Digital Printing Inkjet Inks
US$ 3.15/Kg,US$ 3.45/Kg
Origin China

Tyre & Tubes
US$ 14.28/Piece,US$ 12.85/Piece
Origins Japan,Int'l Brands MFG in Other Origins

Men/Women Leather Shoes
US$ 55/Pair,US$ 65/Pair
Origins Italy,UK,Spain,USA,Other Origins

Thread Clippers,Scissors Tailors'Shears
US$ 5.93/Kg,US$ 6.70/Kg
Origin China

Zip Slider/Zip Runners(low End Brands)
US$ 4.60/Kg,US$ 5.25/Kg
Origins China,Other Origins

US$ 5.75/Kg,US$ 5.42/Kg
Origins All Origins

Weighting Scales
US$ 2.00/Pc,US$ 2.60/Pc
Origins China,Korea,Taiwan,Singapore

Rear Engine Intercity Buses
US$ 82,000/Pc,US$ 80,000/Pc
Origin China

Safety Pin,Paper Pin & Scarf Pin
US$ 2.96/Kg,US$ 2.70/Kg,US$ 3.88/Kg
Origin China

Natural & Alkalized Cocoa Powder
US$ 2.18/Kg,US$ 1.15/Kg
Origins China,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand

Plain Particle Board & Fiber Door Skins
US$ 0.26/Kg,US$ 0.28/Kg
Origins China,Malaysia,Other Origins

White Oil
US$ 0.85/Kg,US$ 0.92/Kg,US$ 0.95/Kg
Origins India/China,South Korea,UAE

Notice Board

15-02-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Industrail Roller Chain

15-02-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

15-02-2018 Thursday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Carbide Tips

15-02-2018 Thursday 12:30 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Wheel Castor

19-02-2018 Monday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Brake Lining & Friction Material (Clutch Facing)

20-02-2018 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Non Dairy Topping Cream

20-02-2018 Tuesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ginger & Garlic

21-02-2018 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - School Bags,Briefcase & Laptop Bags

21-02-2018 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Tubular Metal Needles

21-02-2018 Wednesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Baby Diapers & Sanitary Napkins

21-02-2018 Wednesday 02:00 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Feasible Interling (Buckram)

22-02-2018 Thursday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Soft/Hard Wood Teek/Swan Timber

22-02-2018 Thursday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Betel Nuts

22-02-2018 Thursday 12:45 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ceramic/Procelain Sanitary Ware

26-02-2018 Monday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Grease

26-02-2018 Monday 02:30 P.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Egg Powder

27-02-2018 Tuesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer -Sodium Saacharin/Sweeteners

27-02-2018 Tuesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - High impact Polystyrene

27-02-2018 Tuesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Dyes

28-02-2018 Wednesday 11:00 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Apples

28-02-2018 Wednesday 11:30 A.m Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Artificial Flowers

28-02-2018 Wednesday 12:00 Noon Importer/ FPCC&I KCC&I/ Manufacturer - Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles
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PcVAG User Manual

WCO Vision, Objectives and Instruments 

The WCO is internationally acknowledged as the global centre of customs expertise and plays a leading role in the discussion, development, promotion and implementation of modern customs systems and procedures. It is responsive to the needs of its members and its strategic environment, and its instruments and best-practice approaches are recognized as the basis for sound customs administration throughout the world.

The WCO’s primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of member customs administrations, thereby assisting them to contribute successfully to national development goals, particularly revenue collection, national security, trade facilitation, community protection, and collection of trade statistics.


In order to achieve its objectives, the WCO has adopted a number of customs instruments, including but not limited to the following:

1) The International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS Convention) was adopted in 1983 and came into force in 1988. The HS multipurpose goods nomenclature is used as the basis for customs tariffs and for the compilation of international trade statistics. It comprises about 5000 commodity groups, each identified by a six digit code arranged in a legal and logical structure with well-defined rules to achieve uniform classification. The HS is also used for many other purposes involving trade policy, rules of origin, monitoring of controlled goods, internal taxes, freight tariffs, transport statistics, quota controls, price monitoring, compilation of national accounts, and economic research and analysis.

2) The International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs procedures (revised Kyoto Convention or RKC) was originally adopted in 1974 and was subsequently revised in 1999; the revised Kyoto Convention came into force in 2006. The RKC comprises several key governing principles: transparency and predictability of customs controls; standardization and simplification of the goods declaration and supporting documents; simplified procedures for authorized persons; maximum use of information technology; minimum necessary customs control to ensure compliance with regulations; use of risk management and audit based controls; coordinated interventions with other border agencies; and a partnership with the trade. It promotes trade facilitation and effective controls through its legal provisions that detail the application of simple yet efficient procedures and also contains new and obligatory rules for its application. The WCO revised Kyoto Convention is sometimes confused with the Kyoto Protocol, which is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC).

3) ATA Convention and the Convention on Temporary Admission (Istanbul Convention). Both the ATA Convention and the Istanbul Convention are WCO instruments governing temporary admission of goods. The ATA system, which is integral to both Conventions, allows the free movement of goods across frontiers and their temporary admission into a customs territory with relief from duties and taxes. The goods are covered by a single document known as the ATA carnet that is secured by an international guarantee system.

4) The Arusha Declaration on Customs Integrity was adopted in 1993 and revised in 2003. The Arusha Declaration is a non-binding instrument which provides a number of basic principles to promote integrity and combat corruption within customs administrations.

5) The SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade was adopted in 2003. The SAFE Framework is a non-binding instrument that contains supply chain security and facilitation standards for goods being traded internationally, enables integrated supply chain management for all modes of transport, strengthens networking arrangements between customs administrations to improve their capability to detect high-risk consignments, promotes cooperation between customs and the business community through the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) concept, and champions the seamless movement of goods through secure international trade supply chains.


WCO Rulings

 C. Decisions